Speak The Arabic Language Fluently
Learn The Meaning Of The Quran
Understand The Imams Recitation

Faizan Institute For Quran Arabic

Have you always wanted to learn Arabic?

Have you wanted to learn the meaning of the Quran so that you can implement the Quranic teachings into your life and better understand the religion of Islam?

Have you wanted to understand what the Imam is reciting during prayers or in Taraweeh prayers in the holy month of Ramadan?

The Faizan Institute for Quranic Arabic runs an ongoing programme to teach non-Arab speakers the Quranic Arabic language.

Weekly classes are held during term-times for Sisters and Juniors (ages 11-16)

Arabic Classes For Sisters

Weekly classes are held for for non-Arab speaking Sisters during school term-times to learn the language of the Quran.

This course is ideal for anyone who has always wanted to learn Quranic Arabic, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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Faizan E Islam ARABIC LESSON - Juniors-01

Arabic Classes For Juniors

This course is ideal for juniors, boys and girls, from ages 11 to 16 and teaches the basics of Arabic leading onto Intermediate Arabic and Advanced Arabic, gaining a true understanding of the meaning of the Holy Quran.

This course consists of 2 hour sessions, weekly during school term-times.

Interested In This Course? Contact Umm Ilyaseen: 077 7461 3871

Arabic Classes For Sisters

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Arabic Classes For Juniors

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