We Are A Masjid, Madrassa,
Charity & Community Centre

Delivering Charitable Relief
& Welfare Programmes

Promoting Spiritual Wellbeing
& Reviving Islamic Sciences

Prayer Times For Today


Start:  5:01 am

Jamaat:  5:45 am

Zuhr (Juma)

Start:  12:16 pm

Jamaat:  1:30 pm


Start:  3:54 pm

Jamaat:  4:30 pm


Start:  5:48 pm

Jamaat:   5:51 pm


Start:  7:09 pm

Jamaat:  7:30 pm

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    Quran Study Class for Brothers & Sisters

    Have you always wanted to understand the short surahs that you read in your daily salaat? Have you wanted to […]

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    Covid Vaccination Programme

    Many deaths can be prevented by taking the Covid vaccine Do not believe fake social media. If you are not […]

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    Hot Food Programme

    We would like to serve the local community by offering hot food to our neighbours in need, during these difficult […]

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    Stella Creasy

    MP for Walthamstow

    Kate Green

    MP for Stretford and Urmston

    Mufti Muhammad Muneeb ur Rehman

    Grand Mufti of Pakistan

    Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari

    Islamic Scholar