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New Faizan-e-Islam Centre

Faizan-e-Islam was fortunate to acquire this beautiful building thanks to the generous support, goodwill and help of the local community.

Our intention is to use this building to deliver an international standard education to equip our new generation with the academic, moral, ethical and social values to allow them to the fruitful contributors to society. The building will also serve as a place of contemplation and worship. We are thoroughly dedicated to serving our community; with your continued support we are hoping to provide many great activities.

Services for the homeless, services for the poor and needy, special activities for local women, special activities for the local youth, international charity work, Arabic language classes, Urdu language classes, GCSE support classes, A-level support classes, medical school admissions support, religious studies, prayer and contemplation, and many other services.

Please help us. Currently the outstanding loan is £950,000.

Build a Masjid on the Earth, and Allah (swt) will build you a Palace in the Heavens

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